Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Where does the time go?  This bracelet was something that sort of developed on it's own.  It started when my friend gave me an old wallet ( she knows never to get rid of anything without asking me first.)  I took it apart and cut little shapes and then used eyelets to attach two layers together.  I had bought some Vintaj Metal Patina to play with and used some filigree shapes that I had laying around as an experiment.  I made the clasp from copper sheeting and heavy copper wire.  I riveted my lampwork discs to the filigree sections and then just kept going.  This is not my usual style but I think it helps to just go with the flow sometimes.  I do like the Vintaj Patina and am looking for other things to try it on.  It is easy to use and has a built in sealer.  Quick photo taken with my phone.

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