Friday, November 20, 2009

This year is almost gone...

April? What happened to this year? I do have some new beads that I made several months ago but I am just now uploading them. My computer was sick and I had to uninstall all my software and reinstall it. Not an easy task for someone who knows next to nothing about computers. I was thrilled when it actually worked. No more surfing unknown sites for me!
The glass makers know how to entice beadmakers by coming up with new wonderful glass. Chalcedony is one of these. These beads were all made with one single rod of glass that produces multiple colors. The glass will "strike" to different stages depending on how many cycles of heating and cooling it goes through. Some of these are encased in clear which produces another element to the mix. I have more beads that I will post soon after I edit the photos. Have a great day!