Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Knitting

Living in Texas, we have warm (understatement) weather.  Yesterday, the high was 91!  Knitting with wool and actually getting to wear  wool has a very short season.  I now have two new garments to add to my collection and am looking forward to cooler weather so I can actually put them on.
The Cedar Leaf Shawlette was one of those "have to" knit items.  The yarn is absolutely luscious and I wish you could feel how soft it is.  It is Madelinetosh Pashmina and is my all time favorite yarn so far.  I have worked on this off and on for several months when I needed something mindless to knit.  The leaves took concentration but the rest of the shawl was easy.
The other project is my second Ishbel.  It is knit from Madelinetosh Tosh Sock yarn which is also very soft but not quite as soft as the above mentioned yarn.  I ran out of yarn on the last lace section because I was trying to knit the larger of the lace patterns.  Searching online for the same yarn was not getting me anywhere.  I found a sweet person on Ravelry that had one skein to spare and thanks to her,  I was able to finally finish it.  I am still amazed what blocking does to lace and it is fun to see the finished results.

I have actually made a few beads lately and will show those soon so this blog doesn't turn into a total knitting blog. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Knitting Everywhere!

We spent part of Saturday at the Bayou City Art Festival and when I came across this talented artist,  this is what was standing proudly guarding her booth.  My husband stopped traffic for me long enough to get a quick shot.  Having knitting on the brain,  I related to her immediately.  I would have fallen over if I had spotted a glass bead maker in the mix.   I couldn't even get into the booth because of all the people milling around but I had to have a photo of her to share with other knitters.