Monday, March 26, 2007

Show Information

I am adding a few more photographs while I am in the editing mood.

Here is the link to the Market Street Show this Saturday, March 31st. I hope to see you there!

One more necklace that I photographed this morning. I really like this one!


Bosporus Glass said...

Hiii Jan,

Bosporus Glass said...

Hiiii Jan,
Sorry it's me again.
I found your blog on one of LE's thread and I fell in love with all the things you've made. Your blog became my favorite and I am reading your old posts everyday.

Your beads and designs are just amazing. I love every single piece you put on your blog. Especially those bent beads are my favorite. How on earth do you make them? I make glass beads as well and to see a bead like that really makes me wonder.

Hope the show went very well.

Looking forward to read your new posts.


Jan Locander said...
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Jan Locander said...

Thank you llknur! The show was cancelled do to the rain but that is a risk of doing outdoor shows.