Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thimble Mandrel

Linda Campbell came up with an idea for a Thimble Mandrel. I thought that was very ingenious but I wanted one to use as a bead cap mandrel. The tricky part is getting the hole in the top because the mandrel is flat without a hole. I poked an indention in the middle while molten and then used my Dremel with a tiny diamond bit to make a hole in the end. These have great potential for fabulous necklace designs. I have one in mind but I have to make two matching "thimbles" which is not an easy task.
There are several events coming up soon which I will chat about at a later date.


Anonymous said...
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FLUTTERBY_5 said...

Hello. Do you make lampwork thimbles - e.g. ones like the photograph in your blog? That one looks lovely.