Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More knitting

I am still knitting because it is portable, I have tangible results, I can stop and start whenever I need to, I love the fibers running through my finger, I have something tangible to show when I am finished, and I can totally escape from reality by having to count every stitch.  My poor little studio is being neglected but I will get back to it someday when it gets cooler and my life gets back to somewhat normal.  We have more medical issues to deal with and this one will take us through October.  
This is my first real lace project, first triangle shawl and it won't be the last.  Blocking it was an experience but it completely made the stitches come to life.  I used weed eater string because I don't have any real blocking wires.  I don't have blocking mats either but my old trusty fabric cutting board did the job and it even has diagonal lines on it.  There will be more lace knitting in the near future now that I have conquered my fear.  I used sock yarn weight merino instead of lace weight.  It  has more "umph" and I haven't graduated to lace weight yet (don't tell anyone but I ordered some luscious merino silk lace weight yesterday.)   I got a notice today that it has been shipped.  Don't you love online purchases?  It is so much fun when the UPS man pulls up in front of my house!  I am easily excited.
I have a few more projects to photograph but I was so proud of myself  for finishing this one that I had to show it first.


Tonya Vollertsen said...

This is soooo Gorgeous! I just can't wait to see it and touch it in person!

Jan Locander said...

Thanks! I can't wait for you to be here!