Monday, March 21, 2011

New Chalcedony Beads!

These look much better in person and I can't seem to capture the depth or the color with my camera.  I didn't make these all in on session and I plan on making more.  This is only two colors of glass and one in particular gives all the colors under the clear encasing.  It is a process of lots of oxygen and heating and cooling over and over. My concentrator only puts off so much oxygen and it would be interesting to see what I could get if I used tanked oxy instead of a concentrator.  It is fun to see the difference in each bead and I could not make them exactly the same even if I wanted to.

My last post had a glitch in the photo upload and I can't seem to figure out why there is a white space at the bottom of the photo because that only appeared when I uploaded it to this blog.  Any ideas?


Tonya Vollertsen said...

These are gorgeous!

Jan Locander said...

Thank you! You should see them in person!